1. Why the frequency is not accurate?

The real-time frequency of the iPhone is a fluctuating value, which is related to many factors, such as the current load of the mobile phone and the ambient temperature. Mobile phone hardware controller can refresh real-time main frequency immediately by clicking on real-time main frequency or small components, and can test frequency reduction several times.
If you think the main frequency is inaccurate, you can do a test. Turn on the power saving mode in the "battery" and test the main frequency again. Take my iPhone 7 for example, the frequency will be reduced to about 60%.

2. Why the widget load failed?

You can try to double-click the widget blank or restart the phone. If it is still load fails, please contact the developer.

3. Why are the frequencies of the components inconsistent with those in the app?

Similar to question 1, the real-time main frequency of the iPhone is a fluctuation value, and the frequency value will be different at different times. Usually there is not much difference. The latest 2.6 also optimizes the main frequency calculation algorithm, which will be more accurate than previous measurements.

4. Why the video load overtime?

Please go to the "Settings - Privacy - Advertising" section of the iPhone, click "Restore the Advertising Identifier" and reopen the phone hardware Butler to try again.

5. How can I get the Pro Edition?

In addition to paying for Pro Edition, you can also exchange points for the Pro Edition. Sign-in and watch ad videos will give you a lot of points. After five days of continuous work, you can get 36 points for one month's advanced experience card.~

6. Re-install app after uninstallation. Will the checked-in points be lost?

As long as you don't format your mobile phone or brush it, no matter how you uninstall it, the points will not be lost.~

7. Why can't I restore purchase?

Please check whether you are using the correct apple id. After unloading the app, download the latest version in the App Store, and do not disable network connections.

8. Why it's not an Pro Edition after purchase?.

The validity period of Pro Edition display on check-in page is 2046, and then in the latest version 2.6, advanced edition will be displayed on the setup page.You an click Restore Purchase to resume, if you have purchased VIP before, Restore Purchase will not deduct money again.

9. What does it mean to Restore Purchase?

Restore purchases to maintain content purchased before accessing. For example, a month ago, you bought the VIP of CPU master of the mobile phone, changed the mobile phone in the middle, and on the new mobile phone, click the Restore Purchase button, you can restore the functions you purchased before, without having to pay again.

10. I paid for it, but why did an Pro Edition appear?

Pro Edition is equal the previous vip, you can click to Restore Purchase, refer to Question 8.

11. Why the altimeter/decibel meter/magnifier can't be used?

The first time you open an app, the app prompts you for location, microphone, camera permissions, and then you choose to reject.... This makes the corresponding function unusable. You can go to Settings - Privacy and give the mobile hardware Butler the permissions he needs.~

12. Why can't IOS 9 add widgets?

At present, the notification center component of mobile phone hardware Butler only supports IOS 10 and above system. If time permits, it will consider supporting IOS 9.~

13 Why is traffic statistics often cleared?

After the iOS device restarts, the traffic statistics will be automatically cleared.

14. Can we launch a battery detection function?

You can check battery loss in Settings - Battery

15. Why can't shortcuts be used?

Shortcuts require iOS 12 and install Apple's Shortcut app in the App Store.

16. Why haven't I opened any apps, and memory usage is still high?

By default, the Apple system will be full use of memory, even if nothing runs, it will be full of pre-read acceleration, so the utilization rate is almost 100%.